John Martin DESCHNER Henry M DESCHNER Peter DESCHNER John DESCHNER Charles DESCHNER Mary DESCHNER Lorna Emma DESCHNER Esther Hulda Hedwig DESCHNER Bertha Martha DESCHNER Willard Robert DESCHNER Della DESCHNER Erwin Paul DESCHNER Emma Pauline Ottile QUADE William DESCHNER Katherine Emma DESCHNER Margaretha GOETZ Mini tree diagram

Jacob DESCHNER1,1,5,6,2,4,1,3,5,1,2

18795 - Jan 19673

Life History


Born in Kansas.2


Born in Kansas.2

7th Jun 1877

Born in KS, cloud county USA.1,1,1,1

7th Jun 1877


7th Jun 1877



Born in Kansas.6


Born in Kansas.5


Born in Kansas.5


Resident in Summit, Cloud, Kansas, United States.2


Resident in Summit, Cloud, Kansas.2

28th Jul 1901

Married Emma Pauline Ottile QUADE in Freistatt, MO, USA.1,1,1

9th May 1902

Birth of daughter Lorna Emma DESCHNER in MO, USA.1

13th Jul 1905

Birth of daughter Esther Hulda Hedwig DESCHNER in Freistatt, Lawrence, MO.3,1,1,1,1

12th Apr 1907

Birth of daughter Bertha Martha DESCHNER in Freistatt, Lawrence, MO.7,3


Resident in Freistatt Twp, Lawrence, Missouri.6

10th Sep 1910

Birth of son Willard Robert DESCHNER.1


Birth of daughter Della DESCHNER.1

23rd Jun 1921

Birth of son Erwin Paul DESCHNER.1,1


Resident in Freistatt, Lawrence, Missouri.5,5

19th Jan 1945

Death of daughter Lorna Emma DESCHNER.1

28th Sep 1959

Death of Emma Pauline Ottile QUADE in Freistatt, Lawrence, MO, USA.1,1,1

31st Jan 1967

Died in Freistatt, MO, USA.1,1,1,1

Jan 1967

Died in Mount Vernon, Lawrence, Missouri, United States of America.3

Other facts


Resident in Not Stated, Lawrence, Missouri.4


Other-Begin in Lawrence County.4


SSN issued in Missouri.3


Social Security number 495-40-2989.3


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