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Andrew Henry ZIMNEY1,2,3

also known as Andrew H ZIMNEY

also known as Andrew H ZIMNY

18842 - 1968

Life History

26th Jul 1883

Born in Trembatschau, Poland.

26th Jul 1883



Born in Minnesota.2

about 1910

Married ZIMNEY in Minnesota.

25th Oct 1918

Death of ZIMNEY in Spokane, WA.


Resident in Five Mile, Spokane, Washington.2


Died in Spokane, WA.

16th Aug 1968

Died in Spokane, Spokane, Washington.3

Other facts


Resident in Not Stated, Spokane, Washington.1


Resident in Spokane.3


Other-Begin in Spokane, Spokane.1


  • Spokane Daily Chronicle

    Friday Oct. 25, 1918


    Four little ones found beside lifeless body in tiny home

    Lying on two chairs in front of the kitchen stoves, Mrs. A. H. Zimney, S. 718 Grant St. was found dead at 7:00a.m. by Mrs. John G. Lake, S. 713 Grant St., wife of Rev. John G. Lake.
    Mrs. Lake went to the Zimney home on the appeal of the oldest of four small children of the dead woman, a boy, aged 6. The children, ranging in age upward from one year were grouped around their dead mother, wide-eyed with wonder, not knowing what had happened.  “Please, my mama won’t talk to us and I guess she’s dead,” the little boy appealed to Mrs. Lake. Mrs. Lake found the mother had died while making the fire. Father Had Gone According to reports made to police, the Zimney family moved to town from a ranch a few days before. The father, after getting the family settled, left Sunday night for some oil field, to seek employment. No trace of him had been found up to noon today. The children were taken by police to Spokane Children’s Home. Coroner Grieve pronounced the woman’s death, due to heart failure, but will make an autopsy.

    SPOKESMAN REVIEW……….Oct. 26, 1918
    Boy, 6, Finds Mother Dead Lying across two chairs in the kitchen of her home at S. 718 Grant, Mrs. A. H. Zimney was found dead yesterday morning, by the Rev. John G. Lake, S. 713 Grant, who had been summoned by the woman’s 6 year old son. Mrs. Zimney was clad only in her night robe and it is believed that she succumbed while endeavoring to start a fire in the range. She was discovered by the boy, eldest of 4 children, the other being a year, 2 years, and 4 years old, respectively. The Rev. Mrs. Lake immediately notified the police. Coroner M.B. Grieve decided that death was due to natural causes and ordered the body taken in charge by Smith and Co. An autopsy performed yesterday afternoon by Dr. Geo. A. Downs, discovered that Mrs. Zimney died of lobar pneumonia, probably induced by influenza.

    Provided by Rachael Hager Hanel.


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